Fan Experts Thoughts on a Wild NBA Week: Kyrie and LeBron

For fans of the NBA there are three key blocks of time when the season is most exciting. When the season starts everyone is optimistic and hopeful that this is the season their team breaks through! When the playoffs start even casual fans check in. The third exciting time for NBA fans is right now, the week before the trade deadline! The first big name changed addresses recently and the biggest name in the game is about the break one of the biggest records in the Association.

In short, its a good week to be an NBA fan!

Our Fan Experts chime in on Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Do you agree?

What was the Mavericks ceiling before and after Kyrie?

  • Akeem Evans Western Conference Finals before and after.
  • Steve Purciello Before Kyrie a bit better than .500 and to go anywhere in the playoffs they would need Luka Doncic to go off. After Kyrie they are dangerous because Kyrie will be playing for a contract so he will be a good boy.
  • Jose Salviati I wasn’t sold on the Mavericks before the trade and I’m not certain the trade made them a lot better. They will be good offensively, but will likely have trouble stopping anyone consistently. Before the trade they were a second round team. Now, if everything goes right they might make it to the WCF, but I still see the second round as the ceiling for this team.
  • Daniel Romo Western Conference Finals/ Western Conference Finals unless they make a trade for a player like Vanderbilt then NBA Finals.
  • Tony Yashar Anywhere from 4th seed to play-in.
  • Nik Land Mavericks ceiling to me, believe it or not, stays the same. I think their peak is the Western Conference Finals again. Kyrie obviously makes them better but not to the point where they over take the Nuggets. They just gave up their best defender in Finney-Smith and now only have one disruptive defender on the perimeter being Josh Green. In the playoffs Luka will be forced to play more defense than ever before.
  • Derek Lavelle Ceiling is the Finals because they currently have the best offensive duo in the league but they have the lowest floor cause they can easily be a first round exit or even lose in the play-in game.

Did Brooklyn get enough in return for Kyrie?

  • Akeem Evans Brooklyn got more than I expected.
  • Steve Purciello Brooklyn did well by getting size back that can defend. This also gives them more assets to trade before the deadline.
  • Jose Salviati Based on what we know, sure they got a good return. Especially when you realize they lost leverage. Everyone knew that Kyrie was being traded! I would love to be able to see what they turned down from the Lakers, Clippers and others.
  • Daniel Romo Yes. For a player who didn’t want to be there and was on an expiring contract, getting a good 3&D player and an above average PG as well as picks is a great get.
  • Tony Yashar Yes, his trade value took a hit.
  • Nik Land I honestly didn’t know what Kyrie’s value was so based off the deals that they declined I think they did get enough. Spencer Dinwiddie is a 20 point scorer in this league and Dorian comes right in as the most versatile defender on the Nets. They also get two seconds and an unprotected 1st in 2027.
  • Derek Lavelle Yes, this was the best deal. There is an argument to be had for the Phoenix offering of Chris Paul and Jae Crowder, but ultimately the amount of picks and the scoring of Dinwiddie plus Finney Smith, a younger 3 and D on a cheaper contract, made the most sense for Brooklyn.

Which team won the trade?

  • Akeem Evans Brooklyn.
  • Steve Purciello Hard to decide who won the trade because of Kyrie’s unpredictability.
  • Jose Salviati I subscribe to the “Trades are won/lost over time” theory. At first glance, the Mavericks got the better player, so they won. But when that player has proven to be as volatile as Kyrie you have to give this trade time.
  • Daniel Romo Dallas. The Mavericks got way better and the Nets got slightly worse.
  • Tony Yashar Nets, Kyrie may walk after the season ends.
  • Nik Land I think this is a win win deal but I am more happy for the Mavericks. Kyrie has his flaws but has shown with Kevin Durant out that he can still play like a superstar on the offensive side of the ball. Luka needs help and I’m glad the Mavericks took this swing even though it’s a risky one. The Nets win because they check all of their boxes. Top box was to trade Kyrie and they did that. Second box was to get a package back that can still compete and they got back two quality plug and play guys. Last box is just to see how the return pleases Kevin Durant.
  • Derek Lavelle Dallas because they have a legitimate chance to win the West while Brooklyn, in the tougher conference, AT BEST is a second round and out team.

After LeBron breaks the scoring record, is he your GOAT?

  • Akeem Evans I’m a huge LeBron fan, but he needs one more Championship for me to call him the G.O.A.T.
  • Steve Purciello No, he deserves mention for longevity and he’s in the conversation but to me it’s Jordan or Kareem.
  • Jose Salviati I am on record that the greatest of all time is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  LeBron is about to obliterate the all-time scoring record. But Kareem still bests him in championships (6 to 4) and MVP’s (6 to 4). Kareem scored his points without the 3-point shot (he only made one). But, LeBron’s game is much more rounded when you consider his rebounds and assists. Both are very good defenders. So, LeBron is in the conversation, but not yet the GOAT.
  • Daniel Romo Nope. But it is suuuuuppppppppper close.
  • Tony Yashar No!
  • Nik Land I’ve always said if Bron wins one more ring he will be my GOAT so I’m sticking with that. The only reason is because Michael Jordan missed 4 years of basketball in his prime. And as the all time leader in points per game average, him playing those four years with deep playoff runs absolutely would’ve landed him #1 on the scoring list.  With that being said, my respect for LeBron has grown over the years and he’s making it very tough for his haters to hate.
  • Derek Lavelle No BUT he will surpass Kareem as having the greatest basketball life in NBA history.


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