Four game winning streak


The Washington Wizards went on a four game winning streak without Bradley Beal. That is a good thing in my opinion. That means the team has enough depth to compete without Beal. Guys stepped up and had big games. In the perfect world, that is the type of roster you want. When one player is out, someone else is ready to step in and contribute.

However, if the Wizards go on a losing streak with him back in the lineup, things will get kind of weird.


Supermax expectations

The last time Beal stepped on the court prior to Wednesday’s game, the Wizards lost by 42 points to the Brooklyn Nets. With Beal back in the lineup on Wednesday, the Wizards lost a close game to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Is Beal at fault? I don’t think so.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 42 points and knocked down the game winning shot. Basketball is a sport where one player can takeover and change the outcome of the game. However, there will come a point in time where the Wizards need to win consistently with Beal as the leader. Which has yet to happen since Beal became the franchise player.

That’s the expectation when a franchise signs a player to the supermax extension. Washington started the season 3-1 with Beal in the lineup. During the first 4 games of the season, expectations were met. But then the Wizards proceed to lose their next 4 of 5 games. Beal then misses a few games, and the Wizards win 4 in a row.


Are the Wizards better without Beal?

The Wizards are not better without Beal. But if the Wizards continue to go on losing streaks with Beal in the lineup, that question will be asked.




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