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Greetings, Earthlings. I’m back once again with some links and some baseless hot takes and conjecture about the NBA. You know, the usual. I was out in the driveway yesterday knocking down jumpers instead of cutting the grass which gave me the time needed in order to come up with this shit you’re about to try to read. Enjoy!

This week we’re going to take a quick glance at Luka’s weight, Steph’s legendary status, and LeBron’s epic numbers as of late (and his ongoing “feuds”). We’ll also consider whatever the hell is happening with James Harden, because, wow.

Buckle up, kids, it’s about to get rough!

Luka and the Out of Shape Situation

Luka Doncic has apparently put on some weight. By his own admission, he “relaxed a little bit. Maybe too much. I’ve just got to get back on track.” Well, getting on track would mean dropping about 30 pounds. Now I’d certainly not be the one to criticize anyone for carrying a little excess weight around, but 30 lbs ain’t easy for anyone to drop just like that. I also don’t think it’s an easy task to manage in the middle of an NBA season.

Luka: Huffing and Puffing

Luka is listed at 230 but is shuffling around NBA courts right now while lugging 260 lbs on his still young frame. Recovery is easy when you’re 22, but that sort of wear and tear on (already injured) knees and ankles could catch up with him before his time. He’s largely regarded as the heir apparent to LeBron James as the “face of the league”, but his greatness may be hampered if that face includes a double chin.

I said it. I’ll own it. 

The Legend of Steph Curry

Steph Curry is the best shooter ever. I said it. I’ll own it. It’s been a “reCurrying” theme in this column since day one. I watch him with a sense of awe and envy. Well, Steph is on his way to obtaining the record of most threes made in NBA history. (He should have the record by the time your eyeballs scan these words.) Any minute now he’ll break Ray Allen’s record of 2,973 threes made over his stellar career.

Steph is amazing. And even though this thing from last week didn’t count, it only adds to his legendary status.

Stephen Wardell Curry: Best Shooter Ever

I’ve never seen this combination of handle and deep shooting before. He can literally score from anywhere on the floor (and beyond). It’s difficult to gauge him against other all-time greats because his size and skill set make him so unique. I don’t think I could have even imagined a player doing the things he does on a regular basis, much less witness it night after night, season after season. He’s changing the game and how we perceive it. Salute. Nobody will ever break this record. I’m not really going too far out on a limb with that and it hardly qualifies as a baseless hot take or conjecture, but…

I said it. I’ll own it. 

LeBron James, Ageless Wonder

Speaking of legends, LeBron James has been very busy lately solidifying his status (out of necessity). The fact that there are still doubters out there is mind boggling. He is a literal ageless wonder, and obviously, the Lakers season depends entirely on his production.

It’s been open season on the man, though. He had Isaiah Stewart losing his mind for a minute and seemingly wanting to kill him. Then he had Stephen A. Smith actually using his inside voice for once to say that sources had told him that nobody really fears LeBron, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. After that, he had two moronic fans thrown out of a game in Indianapolis for apparently wishing death upon his son, Bronny.

Speaking of sons, one that belongs to the most recent former president called LeBron a “bitch” on social media. (No link for that because I have no interest in promoting that particular individual on principle alone.) And then Kyle Rittenhouse voiced his displeasure at James’s ridicule of him during his (Rittenhouse’s) murder trial.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Enes Kanter Freedom went on a trolling spree, appearing on Fox News to take shots at James. Then we had Michelle Beadle, fellow Spurs fan and now broadcaster for the team, emerge from the ashes and say that Keyser Soze, excuse me, LeBron wanted her fired from ESPN. Whew! That’s a lot of gotdamn drama!

LeBron James: Focused.

With all that high schoolish behavior surrounding him, the man still averaged 31 points, 7.4 assists, and 6.4 rebounds over the last five games he’s played in while going in and out of Covid protocols. And he turns 37 years of age in a matter of hours. Yes, he is the king. That’s not exactly a baseless hot take either, but some folks still need to be reminded.

I said it… and… you know the rest!

James Harden’s Travails

What’s up with James Harden? He’s still recovering from the hamstring injury, right? It’s gotta be that. I can’t find any other explanation for the sub par performances so far this season. He went 4 for 16 from the field and 3 for 12 from behind the three point line, and also turned the ball over 8 times in a loss this week against the (suddenly) red hot Houston Rockets. Now, I’m the first (and maybe only) guy that blows this sort of thing off by saying, “No worries, he’ll get his shit together by playoff time.” But I’m not so sure this time.

James Harden: Mailing it in?

The man looks disengaged. I’m not just talking about defense this time either. He looks listless and slow, like me in the driveway avoiding yard work. So it has to be the hammy.

I’ve heard talk that it’s because of the new approach to refereeing, that is, not calling fouls on his squirmy, sleazy moves in the lane. Could be, but how do you explain this? Because it’s either that or he was out visiting the establishments that he feverishly financially supported in Houston early into the morning…

I said it. I’ll own it!

That’s all for now, good people. Be sure to join me next week here in thePeachBasket for more baseless hot takes and conjecture written in a really awkward manner!

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