In the NBA: The New Rule Experiment

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I have been fantasizing about a new NBA rule with a brand new set of fines along with it. People in my private circle scream that I’ve lost my marbles, but I don’t think so. This new rule is simple to grasp and the qualifications to avoid the fines are very achievable. Some could argue it’s a bit EXTREME, but given these guys are professional athletes getting paid upwards of millions, there’s no such thing as extreme.

The NBA Point Customs

The NBA Point Customs are a set of established ways that instruct players on what their minimum number of points can be based on minutes, role, and position. The fines attached to not meeting those requirements vary depending on certain factors and can be appealed, reviewed, and even expunged.

Part 1

(Russell Westbrook after making more turnovers than a workaholic baker)

Top players in the league and players identified by their team as stars, or franchise players must sign a contract at the beginning of the year stating their position, and role within the team. They must agree to score NO LESS than 10 points a game. These players usually play 30+ minutes a game so this should be an easy thing to do.


  • Star-role players with less than their minimum requirement of 10 per game will be fined the number of points shy they were of 10. (e.g. if a player scores 7 points, then they will be fined $3,000)
  • If a top-player goes consecutive weeks missing their quota, then they will get an additional $5,000 fee.
  • Protesting of or deliberate disobedience of the NBA Point Customs WILL result in further discipline.
  • If a score of zero is recorded they get the max $10,000 fine. At the end of the year all zero point games are added up and they pay in thousands the number of games they scored zero times 2. (e.g. 4 zero point games is $4,000 times 2 would increase it to $8,000.)


  • Those with who are injured either prior to the game, or during the game will be overlooked for the time until recovery or readmittance into the line-up.
  • Top-players who are ejected, fouled out, or benched for any behavioral, or foul trouble related reason are exempt from the penalty.
  • Any top-players with less than 15 minutes played that game will be exempt from penalties. After a GM and HC write a statement explaining the reason for the lowered minutes.

Part 2

Starters and role players are under similar customs. Once again a contract is signed, but starters who aren’t recognized as team stars or franchise players will agree to score at least 5 points per game. They usually play 20+, so this is a very doable requirement. Role players, 6th men, and reserves will agree to score more than 0 points a game. Zero points scored by a professional athlete making millions is not only a disgrace to the league, but a middle finger to the owner of the ball club paying you all that money to put the ball in the hoop. The comitee does understand that some players aren’t “scorers” or “shooters”. Though, the rules still stand. If 5 points are too difficult for a starter playing 20+ minutes then maybe it’s time for a career change.


  • Starters that fail to score their minimum requirement of points will be fined the amount of points they were short. As previously discussed a player with only 2 points will pony up $3,000 dollars.
  • Any starter with zero points will be fined the maximum $5,000. Each zero point performance at the end of the year will be added up and then timesed by 2. This determines the amount of the end of the season fine.
  • Consecutive games missing the 5 point requirement will result in an extra $5,000 fee
  • Role players, 6th men and reserves that don’t score more than their minimum requirement (1 point) will be fined $1,000 dollars.
  • Role players, 6th men and reserves that go numerous games without scoring their point obligations will get an additional fine of $2,000 dollars.


  • All players who exit the game for ejection, foul trouble, or other behavioral issue are overlooked.
  • All players with injuries prior to or during the game resulting in a DNP or an early exit are overlooked.
  • Starters with less than 10 minutes played and aren’t already exempt because of injury, conduct or otherwise will be overlooked. With a statement from the GM and the coach as to why minutes were reduced.

Appealing Fines

The appealing process is very easy you just submit your complaint with your name, organization, and contract ID#. You can appeal any fine you want, but once the ruling is upheld you cannot resubmit an appeal for the fine of that particular game again.

Cracking Down On Mediocrity!!

When top NBA players score 7 or 5 points and have the nerve to call themselves “great” it really grinds my gears. It’s not only an embarrassment to the league, but a disgusting blemish on a players resume. It’s something nobody who we identify as a superstar or franchise player should be comfortable with settling for. Players in the lower, and middle tiers are held to a lesser standard so a lower point custom is assigned to them. The mediocrity in the NBA is a terrible habit that’s grown around the league. These players just go home in their sports cars to their high priced mansions saying oh well, I’m rich. Spitting in the face of the fans and the sport with terrible or below average performances.

This stops NOW!!

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