Khem Birch Released By Orlando

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The ongoing youth revolution surrounding the Orlando Magic has led the team to cut ties with another veteran, as Khem Birch has officially been released by the Magic. It was an unfortunate way for Birch’s four-year tenure to end with the Magic, but the rise of Wendell Carter Jr., Chuma Okeke, and Mo Bamba left the Magic no other choice. Birch will have a chance to have a nice homecoming this offseason if the Canada native signs with the Toronto Raptors. The Magic took a chance on Birch in 2017 after going undrafted and playing overseas. Over his four years in Orlando, Birch averaged 4.7 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 0.5 SPG, and 0.5 BPG in 198 career games. During this past season, Birch has averaged career-high numbers in MPG (19.8), PPG (5.3). RPG (5.1), and APG (1.1) in 48 games this season.

Was it the Right Decision to not Trade Khem Birch at Trade Deadline?

Birch wasn’t anywhere near as valuable as Nikola Vucevic or Aaron Gordon were, but Birch may have been able to notch Orlando some draft capital

As we all know, the Magic traded three of their best players for assets to use in their upcoming rebuild. One of those three players, however, wasn’t Birch. Rather than releasing Birch, shouldn’t Orlando have tried to get something in return? Birch could’ve had the decision of what team to be traded to, so it works out for both sides. Trading Birch for a second-round pick would still be a better return than getting nothing from releasing him. Orlando was able to net two second-round picks from the Celtics, so getting one second-round selection wouldn’t be impossible. It’s very possible that President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman called multiple teams that may have been interested in Birch and no team was willing to make the deal.

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