Lakers Need To Burn Those Blue Jerseys After Their Loss To The Spurs Last Night


Why are the Lakers wearing blue jerseys? Those are not Laker colors, maybe they are trying to channel their inner Brooklyn Dodger? I don’t know, maybe those ugly jerseys were one of the reasons why the Lakers lost? The Spurs thought they were playing the Utah Jazz last night instead of the defending Champions. I like the cursive Los Angeles, that looked cool, but the jersey colors have to be purple and gold. You don’t see the Yankees changing their colors, or Alabama. I know the Lakers are in LA, which is suppose to be a fashion town or something, but the entire team needs to have a Phil Jackson type “kumbaya” session around a dumpster in the Staples Center parking lot and burn every jersey that is not purple and gold.

Not a good look. You are the Los Angeles Lakers, not the Kansas City Royals.

Why did the Lakers lose last night to the mediocre San Antonio Spurs? Because Anthony Davis wants to be a shooting guard and will not stay in the paint, why is AD trying to guard Dejounte Murray on the perimeter? AD, I know you want to be a guard so bad. I know you used to be a guard when you were a midget, but you are not a guard anymore, you cannot hang with NBA guards.
AD, you are too slow, outside of the paint, why are you trying to guard the point guard all game? AD was too slow to guard Murray, the point guard for the Spurs, and he is too weak to guard the Spurs center LaMarcus Aldridge, who had 28 points last night. AD had an above average game last night too, and finished with a 23 points and 10 rebound double-double. The defensive match up mistakes created by Davis cost the Lakers the game last night and one has to be looking at Frank Vogel.

The Lakers bigmen cannot play defense, the Lakers guards cannot score. Kyle Kuzma had a better game, he had a double-double, but he played thirty minutes and only had thirteen points. Wesley Matthews played 22 minutes and only had 3 points. Alex Caruso played 20 minutes and only had 8 points. Markieff Morris played 13 minutes and had 0 points. Marc Gasol played 14 minutes and had four points and only one rebound, he is looking like father time out there. The only guys who had a decent balance of points scored and minutes played were, you guessed it LeBron James and Anthony Davis. LBJ played 35 minutes and 27 points. AD played 34 minutes and finished with 23 points. I have to say that Montrezl Harrell had a good game, he played only 18 minutes and finished with ten points and six rebounds. The Lakers bigmen do not want to rebound and the Laker guards are not scoring points. The Lakers are unbalanced on the floor, which makes LeBron have to turn on the nitrous oxide and run out of gas.

Speaking of running out of gas, the Lakers play the Chicago Bulls tonight and if Anthony Davis tries to guard Coby White all game like he tried to do last night with Murray, the Lakers are definitely going to lose again. 

Go Lakers and burn those ugly blue jerseys! For the love of Kareem burn those jerseys.

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