Lakers tease us but fall to the 76ers


The Los Angeles Lakers are riding a three game losing streak, and are looking to end it tonight. The Philadelphia 76ers are coming in hot with a three game win streak. Marc Gasol is back for the Lakers with a 15 minute time restriction. We’ll keep an eye and see how he performs. Main injuries of course this game are LeBron James, and Anthony Davis out for the Lakers. For the 76ers their superstar Joel Embiid is also out as well.

Also just to give a little update into the real world with the pandemic still going, and seeing light near the tunnel Staples Center had a great day today. According to Bill Oram

This is fantastic news for Staples Center, and Laker Nation even though it’s a small step we are closer to getting to go to Staples Center soon.

Now let’s get right into it and break down each quarter for the Lakers, and take notes on what right and wrong.

First Quarter

During the first 5 minutes both teams offensively have matched each other for the most part. However even with Gasol back their paint protection has not looked good so far this early in the game. The 76ers so far have scored in a steady diet balance with three baskets coming inside the paint, and three baskets from three point line as well. Lakers so far are getting most of their basket with penetration scoring four baskets in the paint, and have match the 76ers with three baskets from the three point line as well.

8 minutes into the quarter the Lakers have a one point lead 19-18. Main concern from past game to relate to this game is if the Lakers can maintain this play from the first quarter to the other quarters. One thing Marc Gasol has instantly brought is his passing from the paint to hit shooters on the perimeter. It has alleviated pressure from Dennis Schröder to create everything on the offensive end. A intriguing development that can affect the game later on is this battle between Dwight Howard, and Montrezl Harrell as it’s getting physical and chippy.

Both Dwight, and Montrezl have both given technical fouls. But the refs still have not done a good job at containing the situation. Both are still chirping at each other this could get ugly. Just now towards the end of quarter as I’m writing this Dwight has been thrown out of the game, and Montrezl is seen waving goodbye to Dwight. This will surely impact the 76ers for the rest of the game. Let’s see how it plays out in the second quarter

Second Quarter

Before the quarter can even begin Ben Simmons has been given a technical foul as well according to Brad Turner

The Lakers will start off the second quarter with two free throws, and they hit both to cut the lead to one. Order seems to have be restored for the moment after the ejection, and the technical foul being handed out. Paul Reed on the 76ers has been hit with a technical foul. The referees desperately again are trying to reel the reigns in of this game. This game is being called tightly, and Lakers are taking advantage of it. The Lakers have shot eight free throws this quarter, and converted on 7 of 8 of those free throws.

Both teams have been lackluster moving the ball obtaining nine assists, and eight turnovers. Both teams are missing shots this quarter, but these shots aren’t quality looks for either team. If the Lakers are going to win this game they are going to have to get better at moving, swinging the ball, and once again knocking down perimeter shots. The defense for the Lakers is acceptable today compared to the defense against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lakers must shore up the paint defense if they want to get this win. If they keep allowing Ben Simmons penetration to keep drawing fouls, or when he figures out the passing pockets that will develop from the penetration it will be trouble for the Lakers.

The 76ers, as I predicted, due to the penetration have gotten open looks from the three point line, and have hit those three pointers now. The Lakers however come back with a 7-0 run and tie the game at halftime.

Halftime Notes

Two reasons why Lakers have looked better today are Dennis Schröder, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Coincidentally both were involved in trade rumors in a deal involving point guard Kyle Lowry. Now that the deadline has passed perhaps it has given them a peace of mind that they are here for the rest of this season. Dennis has 14 pts with 5 assists, and Kentavious has 12 pts, 2 steals, and is 2 of 3 from the 3 point line.

76ers will surely miss Dwight for the second half. Former Laker Danny Green has been huge as he’s contributed 13 points, and 3 for 4 from the 3 point line. An eye to keep eye for is Ben Simmons. Ben has 8 assists, and 5 rebounds. However he hasn’t made one field goal. If the 76ers are going to get this win he will surely have to play better than what he did in the first half scoring wise. Let’s see what happens in the second half

Third Quarter

76ers have come out the quarter on fuego, hitting three 3’s in a row. While the Lakers are trading 2’s for 3. The Lakers are going to have to pick up their defensive intensity like they did in the first half to make this a physical, and scrappy game. The Lakers continue to struggle on the offensive. The 76ers come down and take advantages off the Lakers misses to start a fast break and get easy transition points.

The Lakers defense has been nonexistent and have allowed 5 three pointers this quarter. Halfway thru the quarter this game is teetering on blowout again just like the last game against the Pelicans. The Lakers are turning over the ball way too much. They have now have tallied 18 turnovers which has led to 22 points off those turnovers. The Last 3 mins of this quarter are vastly important. The Lakers must cut the lead down from 15 points to at least 7-10 points to give themselves a fighting chance in the fourth quarter.

The Lakers this quarter have simply been dreadful. Too many turnovers, missing open shots, and the defense has been a mess. Shake Milton ends the quarter on a buzzer beater. The Lakers end the quarter down 18 to end the 3rd. If the 76ers we’re healthy with Embiid this would be a 24-30 point lead going into the fourth quarter.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers in the fourth quarter, and just in general have looked a completely different team this second half. They are missing shots, playing no defense, and committing too many turnovers. The same issues continue to plague them in the fourth quarter. I said to watch out for Ben Simmons in the second half. But the 76ers didn’t need him with the way the Lakers have played this half. Lakers are giving a last ditch effort with 6 minutes left down by 12 to make a run at this game.

Truthfully I expect them to lose, and if they comeback and win, you take it. Nonetheless this would be a terrible win if such event occurred. Lakers have somehow made this a 5 point game. Due to lack of scoring from the 76ers down the stretch from the perimeter. The Lakers have life, and have no business being in this game down 5 with 3 minutes left. Dennis Schröder is hit with a questionable technical foul after he disagreed with a call.

The Lakers cut it down to 4. Kyle Kuzma heads to the line and splits them both. Danny Green comes down on the other end, and hits a dagger three which should put this game to bed. Lakers gave a valiantly effort in the fourth but as deservingly so lost this game mainly because they were terrible in the third quarter.

Post Game

Lakers main reason for losing this game today, simply put, was the third quarter. The Lakers played well for 3 out of the 4 quarters. That will not get it done to get a win especially with your two superstars out in LeBron, and Anthony Davis. The Lakers main problem that still plagues them during this four game losing stretch is defensive lapses, missing perimeter shots, and too many turnovers.

The buyout market is going to be huge for the Lakers. Rumors are circulating that Lakers are heavy favorites to sign Andre Drummond, and may be in the running for Avery Bradley. The Lakers, counting the Atlanta game since LeBron has left, are now 0-4. A bright side to look for if you are the Lakers is that the next two games are against the Orlando Magic, and Cleveland Cavaliers. If they can’t win these next two games they are in serious deep trouble.

That will do it for today’s break down quarter by quarter and post game reaction. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Real_Ajay_Virk and @thePeachBasket_ for your latest NBA and Laker news. Will catch you guys next game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday at 7:30PM.

Next Game

Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, Friday, March 26th at 7:30PM

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