Los Angeles Clippers: Run it Back Week #2 [VIDEO]

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Week 2 of the 2022-23 NBA season is over which means it’s time to Run it Back! This is Run it Back! NBA Week in Review – Los Angeles Clippers Edition!

After coming out of the gates strong in week 1, the Clippers took an 0-fer in Week #2. On Sunday they lost to the Phoenix Suns 112-95. The team then traveled to Oklahoma City for two games against the youngest team in the Association, the OKC Thunder. The youngest team in the Association handed the Clippers, one of the teams favored to win it all this season, 2 losses in a row. 108-94 on Tuesday and 118-110 on Thursday.

Before we get to our thoughts on this dismal week, let’s look at what the market is saying about the Clippers. For that, we go to our partner, Simbull.com.

It’s Early, but…

Despite the rough week it does look like the overall perception of this team hasn’t changed. Their stock has dipped a bit this week, as expected, but people continue to buy. In short, while things did not go great in week 2, the market consensus is that the Clippers are going to be just fine.

In general, I agree, but there are concerns. 

  • The team with last seasons 3-point % leader, Luke Kennard, is 26th in 3P% to start this season
  • They are 29th in total assists
  • 30th – worst – is total turnovers!
  • Twitter user @SoCalClippers pointed out that the Clippers 2 wins to start the season came at the expense of teams that started the season 0-7!

This team has concerns, but it’s still early. We will know what the makeup of this team is by Thanksgiving. Lets see what others thing of the Clippers week in a segment we call “Full Court Press”. I am going to type Los Angeles Clippers and discuss a few of the headlines, without actually reading the article. 

Finally, while the Clippers are not playing today, Saturday, October 29th. Lets look at the winners ahead of time thanks to our partner Dimers.com


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