Malik Monk and Charlotte Beat Miami


After trailing by as many as 30 to Charlotte, a monstrous comeback attempt from the Miami Heat fell short, dropping their season-high sixth consecutive game. Friday’s loss drops Miami to 22-24 and are two games back of the fourth-seeded Hornets, who improve to 23-21, thanks to Malik Monk.

Right out of the gate, Miami found themselves trailing 40-23 in the first. At halftime, the Heat were again trailing 72-49. But as quickly as they had fallen, they had picked up and outscored the Hornets by ten points in the third and eight in the fourth. However, it was just too late to combat the early scoring of Charlotte in Friday night’s game.


Miami                                                                 Charlotte

46% from the Field                                               49% from the Field

10 Turnovers                                                         16 Turnovers

35% from behind the arc                                     42% from behind the arc

44 points in the paint                                           30 points in the paint

50% from the free-throw line                             73% from the free-throw line

28 Assists                                                                30 Assists

Despite the loss, Trevor Ariza had his best game in a Heat uniform, scoring 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. Jimmy Butler also played well, as per usual, scoring 20 points and dishing out nine assists. But Malik Monk was the story of the game, scoring 32 points for Charlotte.

“He [ Malik Monk ] can score with the best of them and he showed it tonight,” Terry Rozier said.

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