NBA Finals Celtics v Mavericks – 13 Rules: NBA Random Thoughts

Game 1 13 Rules
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With only two teams and one series left to decide the NBA Random Thoughts this week are focused on the NBA Finals Celtics v Mavericks!

NBA Finals Celtics v Mavericks

  • Watching the Boston Celtics in the playoffs thus far it has become apparent that Jaylen Brown has been their best player. Not only has he been scoring but take a look at his defense. Last night he guarded Luka Doncic an impossible task. Luka still went for thirty but it took twenty-six shots to get there. He earned his points. Besides defending against Luka it was Brown who made two big blocks at the rim in the third quarter. This was when it seemed the Mavericks were coming back. How is he not All NBA.
  • Outside of Luka the Cavs went three for fifteen from three. It’s only one game but it was quite apparent that Boston’s others (White, Holiday, Porzingis/Horford) were better than (Washington, Jones, Gafford/Lively).
  • Luka Doncic is a great player, there is no doubt about that. If you are a fan you have to expect him to go off in at least one game in this series. Boston’s best shot in quieting him is just to wear him down as the series progresses.
  • If you look at the stats for game one you’ll see the Maverick’s only had nine total assists. That was on thirty-five made baskets. I don’t think any NBA team can win a series let alone one game when only 26% of their baskets came off assists.
  • Kristaps Porzingis playing his first game in over a month was a shot in the arm for Boston. His first half was Larry Birdesque. He continually punished smaller defenders.
  • Boston through pick and rolls forced Irving and Doncic to defend the ball in mismatches. Not only are they not good defenders but you have to wonder if Boston continues to do this will it wear down the duo in what is expected to be a tough series.

Other Random NBA Thoughts

  • I think Danny Hurley is a great coach. He is obviously a better bet at this point than J J Redick. However I think the Lakers are forgetting something, you win with players. A coach can make you better but can a good coach with the Laker roster win in the west. Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Minnesota and possibly Memphis if Ja Morant is healthy, all have better rosters.
  • Btw isn’t it interesting the Lakers are now talking to Danny Hurley. They have had over a month to move on him but they wait until the eve of the Finals.
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