Random NBA Thoughts #10

  1. The New York Knicks’ winning streak is impressive. They have played well and are a dangerous team come playoff time. The one interesting stat from their streak is that they are shooting 41% from the three. For the season they are shooting 35.1 % from the three. If they stay this hot the rest of the league better look out. This Knicks team reminds me of a Knicks team of my youth. At the time the Knicks were good and improving with young and developing future stars, Willis Reed and Walt Frazier. They needed one more player to get them over the top. They traded Walt Bellamy and Howard Komives for Dave DeBusschere. He was the last piece in helping the Knicks to two titles as the trade moved Willis Reed to center and DeBusschere became the power forward. This years Knicks have plenty of assets to make that trade for a star player.
  2. Rob Williams has not been the intimidating force he was last year. Are his knees still effecting his game. One of the problems the Celtics are having this year is because the Celtics switch everything he often gets stuck on the perimeter negating his shot blocking ability and making it easier for opponents to go to the basket. Boston should make adjustments in their pick and roll defense to keep him closer to the basket .
  3. I don’t know about you but when I read about Quin Snyder’s great coaching ability I get confused. Is this the guy that led the number one seed Utah Jazz in the playoffs a few years ago only to see his team flame out.
  4. I know at times we think LeBron James isn’t human but a guy his age can’t play thirty-six minutes a night. The body has to break down.
  5. There is no doubt the three point shot is changing the game. In the old days it seemed like a team shooting well early in the game would over the course of the game go back to their mean percentage. The victim of the hot shooting had to weather the storm. This year I’m seeing teams stay hot or cold throughout those games.
  6. Jrue Holiday is if not the MVP of the Bucks is pretty close to it this year. I know the team has Giannis but it seems like every time the Bucks need a big shot or good defensive play he’s the one doing it. He definitely belongs on the first team All Defensive team this year.
  7. Since they have arrived Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook have seen their team’s struggle. Both players received a great deal of blame for hurting the teams they left. All I can say is the jury is out but before we make a blanket statement on their effect on their new team give it more time.


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