Random NBA Thoughts Number 2

  1. Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie, did it surprise anybody this week when an NBA scout said that Kyrie Irving didn’t follow Steve Nash‘s play calls ten different times. I think Nash is the luckiest one in the Nets’ mess and he got fired.
  2. If you are wondering who has the best future of the presumed lottery teams look no further than Orlando. With a young Paolo Banchero and a young Franz Wagner leading a nice supporting cast the Magic will only get better. Keep an eye on Detroit’s Jaden Ivey and eighteen year old Jalen Duren of the Pistons.
  3. Boston is an excellent offensive team and is definitely a championship contender. However they will only go as far as their defense and the health of Malcolm Brogdon and Rob Williams take them.
  4. Miami is an interesting team to watch this year. Something isn’t right. Their ball movement is not close to a typical Heat team. Their defense has also been unlike a typical Heat team. When watching them it seems like they are trying to decide if it’s Tyler Herro‘s team or Jimmy Butler‘s team.
  5. Speaking of whose the leader of the team, I see similar problems in Minnesota. Is it Karl-Anthony Towns‘ or Anthony Edwards‘. When you watch the Timberwolves play it seems like there is little cohesion in their game.
  6. If it was five years ago the Lakers would be real good and a title contender. Unfortunately LeBron James is soon to be thirty-eight and Anthony Davis an old twenty-nine and injury prone. To complicate things the Lakers next best player Russell Westbrook needs the ball to flourish and seems to have lost his shot. On a team with LeBron who also needs the ball that’s a problem. Incidentally, don’t knock the rest of the team. I realize they are not that good but when you look at a team the first question should be, are the guys making the big money producing.
  7. Portland is becoming a nice story this year. Nobody expected much from them. They play hard and seem to make big shots. They also play defense unlike Portland teams of recent years. Give credit to Chauncey Billups for the turn around.


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