Random NBA Thoughts Playoffs #7

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  1. The Miami Heat are a gutty well coached team. Their leader Jimmy Butler is great because he has no fear and great courage. They have four undrafted players playing out of their mind. say what you want about the Heat but you have to admit Heat culture is real.
  2. It is quite apparent the Boston Celtics don’t like to be the favorite. They seem to todo well when they are counted out. Their coach Joe Mazzulla has a lot to learn but he did make a great decision the other night when he called timeout when Jaylen Brown was trapped in the corner. After the timeout he put Jayson Tatum back in the game and drew up a play where Tatum got the ball at the elbow and hit a jumper which got the Celtics back on track.
  3. Is this Denver’s year? Sure seems like it. The team itself has some flaws however in a league where parity is king they might be the best team.
  4. LeBron James stole the show the other night after the game when spoke of retirement. I understand playing for as long as he has and staying in shape year round can be a grind but I agree with the writers who believe he’s doing this for leverage. He wants the Lakers to go all in by acquiring the players he wants in order for him to continue playing.
  5. The Phoenix Suns are going through the dreaded new owner syndrome. Matt Ishbia, their owner is supposedly running the search for a new coach. When do these owners learn you hire good people and let them make basketball decisions. If they make poor decisions you get rid of them but these people have around the game much longer than Ishbia.
  6. Steve Nash interviewing for the head coaching position with Toronto is interesting. It is a nice idea him being a native Canadian coaching in Canada. The only problem is that in his last position with the Nests a head coach he struggled. Maybe he should take a step back and look to be an assistant coach first.
  7. Let’s finish this edition with some thoughts on Ja Morant. Ja is only twenty-three years old and is making a ridiculous amount of money. I know it’s fashionable to knock him for some of his decisions and I agree. Ja is quite immature and doesn’t get it. He also has surrounded himself with some characters. When a player of his stature is sending out tweets that may reflect on his mental health we all need to stop knocking him and feel for another human being. I know he could have generational wealth but he doesn’t appear to have any real happiness. Let’s hope this human being gets through this with or without his NBA career.


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