Timberwolves Beat Retooled Pacers 129-120

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Star of the Game

The timberwolves beat the retooled Pacers by nine to snap a two game losing streak. After their blockbuster six player trade with Sacramento, Indiana were ready to show off their new team, but couldn’t get past the Wolves. While Minnesota kept it close, and only won by nine points, a big part of that is owed to Anthony Edwards. With 37 points (shooting 7/13 from downtown) plus four assists and four steals, Edwards was the beacon of hope that kept the team in this game. Especially considering the minor slump the guard has suffered thanks to his injured knee, hopefully Edwards is back.

Biggest Concern

Over the last several games, Karl-Anthony Towns has carried this team. While his performance tonight wasn’t terrible, it certainly wasn’t his best. With 15 points, 13 rebounds and six turnovers, it’s clear to see the center wasn’t his usual dominating self. That could be attributed to Indiana’s defense, after all, they do have Miles Turner. As well, it could just be that Towns had an off night. Either way, It is unlikely this kind of play will continue, but for one game it was a bit concerning. 

Number of the Night

0. When one of the big three is slumping, it’s crucial that the other two step up to keep the Wolves competitive. Anthony Edwards had a monster game, and D’Angelo Russell was no slouch either. With 23 points (shooting 8/14 from the field) six assists and only one turnover, Russell is proving how vital he is to this team’s success. While his shooting has been a little streaky this season, every other aspect of his game seems to have improved. It should make the contract negotiations interesting this off-season.

Next Game

Minnesota will play Charlotte on Tuesday at 7:00 CST.

Timberwolves Beat Retooled Pacers Timberwolves Beat Retooled Pacers Timberwolves Beat Retooled Pacers Timberwolves Beat Retooled Pacers

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