What more do the Wizards need?


Seriously, what more do the Wizards need to compete in the Eastern Conference? Throughout the season, Wizards fans have heard how this team has plenty of depth. Which is an excellent thing to have as a franchise. In basketball, you want depth around your best player. The Washington Wizards have that this year. There are teams in the NBA who dream of having the depth that the Wizards have.

But yet the team finds itself with a 24-27 record. The team is currently not even in the position for the play in game. Of course the season isn’t over yet. The Wizards found themselves in a more challenging situation last year, but they rallied together down the stretch. Last year, Washington had a 17-32 record in early April. But if I remember correctly, there wasn’t any locker room problems like there has been this season. There weren’t any questions about leadership.

These are the challenges the 2021-2022 Washington Wizards face. A 24-27 record (although not great), is something a team can bounce back from. If you can bounce back from being 15 games under .500, being 3 games under .500 shouldn’t be a huge challenge. But that is where the team finds itself today.


According to Zach Lowe, everyone on the Wizards is available for trade talks except for Bradley Beal. Trades are not going to help this team. Trading for Ben Simmons, Domantas Sabonis, or who ever isn’t going to help. It’s just not, in my opinion anyways. By trading away players, you are not solving the issues that exist within the team. You are simply just avoiding the issues. This pattern of behavior will carry over into the future when other issues ultimately come up. Doesn’t matter how successful a franchise is. Issues are bound to come up. But the best teams find a way to work through them. The mediocre teams, find a way to avoid working through them.

The Solution

So no, I don’t think the Wizards need to make a trade. What the team really needs to do is get their you know what together. Bradley Beal went from averaging 30 points per game in back to back seasons, to averaging 23 points this year. His scoring needs to improve moving forward. Davis Bertans has not played up to his contract. That needs to change ASAP. We all know how Spencer Dinwiddie has struggled this year. That needs to change. I can go on and on.

Now there are reports that Spencer Dinwiddie isn’t wanted on the team by his teammates. Before that, there was a report that Montrezel Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope got into an altercation during halftime. Honestly, enough is enough.

This team has everything it needs to compete in the Eastern Conference. A star player who is a threat to score 50 on any given night, capable defenders, and depth. This team doesn’t need any more help. They simply need to stop messing around. I know this sounds really simply and it’s not really in depth analysis. But sometimes the solution is a simple one. Stop messing around.

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