Why Is The East So Bad? Lakers Rule Over The Bulls. Play 8-8 Cavaliers Tonight


Are the Bulls still in the NBA or the D league?

There is an unquestionable lopsided amount of talent in the western division of the NBA. The East is barren, void of talent. LeBron James and Anthony Davis hardly played in the second half against the Bulls. Even with the undersized Montrezl Harrell in the paint, he still dominating the Bulls “big men.” It is sad when the mediocre Laker bench dominates your team’s starting five. This NBA game felt like a Varsity vs the Ninth Grade team high school scrimmage. I would be alarmed if I was a Bulls fan, but the East is so terrible that the Bulls could still make the playoffs.

The Lakers are just overwhelming their Eastern opponents on this road trip, the Lakers look like the Harlem Globetrotters vs The Generals of the Eastern Conference. As a Laker fan I am happy, but this is not good basketball. How can the Bulls be this bad? How can the East be this bad? Why are all the best teams in the NBA in the West? If the Memphis Grizzlies were in the East they would be one of the best teams in the East and as of 1/25/2021 they are currently ranked sixth in the Western NBA division. Sadly, I do not think the East cares about basketball anymore. Excluding Pat Riley, the Eastern owners and management are just in it for the money. Eastern Conference owners would rather have a losing season and make money, than win the NBA Finals and break even.

The Eastern teams are not making good trades or picks in the draft. They are hoarding mediocre players too long, no team in the West wants them so the same bad players get traded and resigned in the East. The talent pool is stagnate in the East and its not good. The recent James Harden trade to Brooklyn was great for the East, but the West is still the best. Its not even close. Something is wrong with the Professional Basketball culture in the Eastern United States, maybe Americans have jumped off the basketball bandwagon and now are just football and baseball states. Maybe the owners have decided not to really care about spending a lot of money to make the team better, they are just trying to preserve their financial investment. It is just so disappointing to see the Bulls so bad when they used to be the best, Jerry Krause is rolling over in his grave right now.

LeBron and The Lakers are taking the Lakeshow to Cleveland tonight to play the Cavaliers. As a LeBron fan you know he is going to put on a show. Even Cleveland fans deep down are just happy LBJ is back to beat up on the Cavs tonight. Jordan could not have taken that Cleveland team to the playoffs, let alone win the Championship.

Go Lakers.

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